Why is HubSpot called the No.1 CRM software of the 21st century?


There are many good business tools on the market, but only for one, we can say with 100% certainty that it is definitely the best! Hubspot offers a number of tools to facilitate and unify all business processes. In other words, the tool offers significant cost savings, elimination of repetitive and operational tasks, automation, extensive analytics, user tracking, and accelerated sales and revenue solutions.


Contact management – by implementing HubSpot you get a unified sales and marketing tool that records website users behaviour and based on previously set parameters provides them tailored communication. For example – “brand reminder” emails with useful content, emails which by content correspond to a specific interest that a user has shown through the purchase process etc. This tool provides the highest degree of personalized communication automation!


For example, the user is looking for a holiday and explores the accommodation units on your hotel website. After a certain number of minutes, the user is shown a motivating HubSpot notification that offers him an additional promotional code with a discount for the exact unit he was viewing, and he leaves his email address. He leaves the website, not yet ready to buy. After a given time, HubSpot can send a personalized email with an offer that interests the user, based on his behavior and the stage of the sales cycle. In this case, it could send him a reminder of the promotional code expiration date. The history of all activities is recorded in the interface and you can see at any time how users reacted to your marketing activities and based on that get summarized feedback for numerous business decisions.


Business process automation. HubSpot will take over all your repetitive and operational activities, leaving you time for some more important tasks. Various confirmations, reminders, chat on the website… everything will be done by HubSpot for you!


Personalization. This system uses artificial intelligence and will use all known information about your users when communicating with them. The result is great – users are convinced that they are talking to the right people and that you really tried to do all the activities just for them.


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