SMM & Lead generation

SMM & Lead generation

Lead generation on social networks


If a personalized customer approach is your favorite, Facebook lead ads are the right choice for you. With a well-designed “lead magnet” to attract your potential customers, Facebook’s simple process of filling out contact information allows a quick and efficient sign-up and delivery of your new contacts. After the collection, all you need is to forward the contacts to your sales team or, for example, automate the Newsletters via your CRM. The choice is yours. We will help you with all the necessary software integration if needed.



When is the Lead generation advertising the right choice for you?

– If you are looking for new customers

– If you want to increase the number of your newsletter subscribers

– If you need to collect as many contacts as possible for your sales team

– If you want to share discounts only to a certain segment of leads

– If you are preparing a new business announcement or you are preparing a sales promotion that you want to communicate through your newsletter


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