Google Ads

Google Ads

SEO – Website optimization for search engines


Google – the starting point for all internet searches. You know it. Your customers know it. But did you know that Google Ads allows you to be at the very top of searches for a particular term, product, or service. In other words – it allows you to appear as a response to a user that searches for exactly what you offer!


What does Google Ads service look like?

  1. We will conduct extensive market, demand and competition research
  2. We will discuss your goals, desires and capabilities
  3. We will create a long-term strategy for your appearance on online channels
  4. We will create a complete Google Ads campaign, ads, keywords, user profile, and target audience
  5. We will monitor the campaign every day and optimize it with the help of advanced tools to improve performance – our goal is to achieve greater results with the smallest possible budget!
  6. You will get a report on campaign performance, budget consumption, return on investment, competition, market trends, and tips on how to improve sales

Google Ads is the perfect tool for precise product or service advertising, to people who are interested in them, at all stages of the shopping cycle.


Google Text Campaign: Allows you to position your business at the very top of customer search, putting you ahead of the competition.

Google Image Campaign: Offers increased awareness of your company’s or brand’s existence with the ability to accurately “target” interested audiences.

Google remarketing: Show ads only to those users who have shown interest by visiting your website.

Google Video Ads: Allows you to create and increase customer desire for what you offer.

Gmail ads: Shows the ad in the email inbox to the selected target audience.


Google Ads are measurable. At any time we will know how many clicks and impressions they’ve acquired, where a particular ad was displayed, the cost and the number of sales, advertising competition, website visitor behavior etc.

Contact us, tell us your wishes and goals, and we will tell you how to achieve them!


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