Instagram – just a photo-sharing platform or something more?


Instagram has outgrown an “image sharing only” platform and became a large marketing platform with great promotional opportunities for advertisers. Instagram users are a very active audience that creates and places their content online. It is an excellent channel for spreading brand awareness and presenting new products and services related to fashion, beauty, travel, but also all other categories. It is also a unique channel through which you can “humanize” your brand and show the other side of corporate activities. With access to Facebook’s comprehensive targeting methods, Instagram advertising is an effective strategy that is easy to implement.



When Instagram advertising is the right choice for you:

– You want to build an image story around your brand and sponsor posts
– You have the quality photo and video materials that you want to share on the appropriate channel
– You want to invest in partnership cooperation and sponsor collabs (influencers, business partners)
– You want to explain how your product or service can benefit your audience


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