Inbound vs. Outbound

Inbound vs. Outbound

Inbound marketing – new, sophisticated and smart marketing. What does it all mean?


In a world crowded with advertisements, customers have “evolved”, becoming increasingly suspicious and distrustful to advertising. Inbound marketing is a layered concept, so instead of aggressive campaigns and product/service imposing, it handles customers intelligently and wants to “deserve” their attention and affection. It is focused on creating quality and useful content that is tailored to the wishes and needs of potential customers.


Inbound marketing is an effective business strategy. You will create an excellent user experience while enabling the growth and development of your business!

One of the basic things there needs to be done is an efficient SEO optimization which will bring visitors to the website through an organic search engine. Once we attract them them to the website, we need to provide them with useful information so they could spend more time online. We can do that with: writing blogs on topics that interest your customers, live chat assistance, marketing on social networks and on pages that potential users visit…


Customer retention is a very important subject, so you will have to take care of your visitor or customer even after they leave your website. With the Inbound marketing method, we will place only information that responds to the customers wishes and needs through channels that they have chosen: Google, social networks, newsletter….



What does the Inbound marketing service look like?

  • We will conduct extensive market, demand and competition research
  • We will discuss your goals, desires and capabilities
  • We will create a complete strategy for your performance on all available online channels with all projects and time frames
  • We will monitor projects every day and optimize them with the help of advanced tools to improve performance – our goal is to achieve greater results with the smallest possible budget!
  • You will receive a report on project performance, spending, return on investment, competition, market trends and tips on how to improve sales


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