Marketing automation

Marketing automation

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Marketing automation provides the most efficient customer service with a significant cost reduction. In this way, customer satisfaction and loyalty are achieved, the brand is positioned on the market and the possibility of additional sales is significantly increased.

Marketing automation enables efficient use of resources and a significant reduction in the costs of repetitive and operational processes while increasing customer satisfaction. Each user is treated individually, with personalized communication adapted to the phase of the shopping cycle and its behavior.

Marketing Automation


Advantages of marketing automation:

  1. Personalization
  2. Individual approach to each user
  3. Cost reduction of repetitive and operational tasks
  4. Time-accurate and fast communication
  5. Ability to process a large number of users
  6. Cross-selling
  7. Upselling
  8. Brand positioning on the market
  9. Authority building


How do we automate your marketing?

We will connect your website and integrate all channels with the automation system. Together we will conduct research and create a strategy to increase sales. We will elaborate all automation parameters and implement them and program the system (Machine learning) how and when to perform certain actions. When needed, we will periodically improve the customer-tailored activity system.


Practical example:

The user browses the hotel accommodation in Dubrovnik and asks a question via website chat in the late hours of the night. Within a few seconds, he will be contacted by a “robot” who will talk to him, gather all the necessary information and, based on pre-set parameters, lead him to the last step of the purchase.


Recimo da korisnik odluči još malo razmisliti o kupnji. Sljedeći dan sustav će mu poslati email “mamac” za prodaju – zašto bi trebao što prije kupiti smještaj u određenom hotelu kojeg je gledao.


No korisnik se i dalje nije u potpunosti odlučio za kupnju i želi još malo istražiti cijene kod konkurencije. Sustav će mu u zadani termin poslati poruku putem npr. Facebook Messengera s ponudom i dodatnim popustom kao poticajem na kupnju.


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